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H3TM HUMMERTM by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc.

The Ultimate Luxury Estate/Golf Vehicle

H3 by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc. and Custom Carts.Officially Licensed Design...
   The HUMMERTM H3TM is the first proportionally correct and only Licensed custom Estate/Golf Car styled after the H3TM HummerTM.  It includes standard features such as 15 inch custom built and proportioned HUMMERTM wheels, rugged all aluminum I-beam chassis, Genuine HUMMERTM Chrome grill, standard equipment functional headlights, tall lights, turn signals and fog lights.  Patent Pending 180 degree tailgate.  The all new HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car is in the new industry standard for custom luxury electric vehicles.

Unmatched Engineering...
H3 by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc. and Custom Carts.   
Engineered to be the best custom luxury electric vehicle, the HUMMERTM H3TM was designed on a rugged all aluminum I-beam chassis.  It boasts the roomiest seating area and the most legroom of any other Custom Electric Vehicle in the world.  The interior is ergonomically designed with cup holders in the center console, and all of the controls and switches right at your fingertips.  The HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car uses a long range 48-volt system to ensure maximum range while delivering optimal power to the high torque motor.  The HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car also features the highest quality components available for Electric Golf vehicle industry.  It comes with a programmable Alltrax, Inc. 4844 electronic speed controller, a front wheel hydraulic disk brake system that is coupled with a fully self adjusting rear drum brake system, an onboard DeltaQ Technologies IntellIQ computer controlled charging system so that you can drive and charge your car anywhere there is an available power outlet, and industry leading Trojan T-875 batteries which are all standard features.  For added usability, the car is equipped with an onboard 48volt to 12volt converter giving you a 12volt power outlet right on the dash to charge your cell phone or provide power for your laptop so that you can stay in touch with the world while you are on the course.  As standard safety enhancements the HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car is outfitted with working headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, a working horn, reverse warning buzzer and a standard 4 wheel braking system.

H3 by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc. and Custom CartsBuilt-In Safety Features
    The HUMMERTM H3TM is built using reliable safety features that most other Custom Electric Vehicles don't offer.  Features include extra large mirrors, head lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, fog lights, a reverse warning buzzer, safety horn and hazard lights.  To ensure a safe an reliable stopping distance the HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car is equipped with a standard 4 wheel braking system that features front hydraulic disk brakes and self adjusting rear drum brakes.

Fine Standard Appointments...
    The HUMMERTM H3TM is built with all of the quality assurances that an Officially Licensed GM Product should have and is built so that it can display the HUMMERTM H3TM emblem proudly.  No other Custom Electric Vehicle offers as much legroom or Interior space as the HUMMERTM H3TM from American Custom Golf Cars, Inc.  From the cup holders in the center console, the ergonomic accessory panel to the easy to read battery charge indicator, the HUMMERTM H3TM is easily the highest quality Electric Vehicle in the world.

H3 by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc. and Custom CartsAvailable options to personalize your driving experience...
   The upgrades for the HUMMERTM H3TM include a wide range of products so that you can personalize your vehicle to meet your high standards.  Wheel options Include Chrome HummerTM Wheels, or if you want full custom wheels there are many styles and sizes available.  For an enhanced media experience, the HUMMERTM H3TM is available with in-dash CD or DVD entertainment systems.  You can upgrade the look of the car with optional chrome brush guards, running boards, leather interior, custom colors and graphics.  You can also add your corporate logo to help you advertise your company at local tournaments or events.

Rear Seating Area
Hummer H3 Rear Seating
Click to enlarge
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Officially Licensed GM Product Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from HUMMERTM

Overall Length
Overall Width
Height to top of windshield
Ground Clearance
Weight (standard car no batteries)

Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Front Tire Size
Rear Tire Size

Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Drive Motor
Electrical System
Charging System

Body Finish
Interior Material

124 Inches
51 Inches
55 Inches
78 Inches
7.2 Inches
541 lb.

15"x7.5" HUMMERTM
15"x7.5" HUMMERTM
205/65R15 Radial Type
205/65R15 Radial Type

Self Adjusting Hydraulic Disk
Self Adjusting Mechanical Drum
3 Phase Brushless AC Drive Motor 17.5hp
Double Reduction, High Speed Gears
48 Volt DC
SEVCON 400 Amp Gen IV
On-board Delta-Q IntelliQ
Six 8 volt batteries
Self-adjusting Rack and Pinion

All Aluminum I-beam
Fiberglass Composite
Automotive Paint
Marine-type Synthetic

H3 by American Custom Golf Cars, Inc. and Custom Carts

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